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Q-Retraktor Fix Car Seat - With Its intuitive harness

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Finally your child can travel in complete safety!

Q-Retraktor Fix harnesses are always a perfect fit for your baby’s body, with no slack, quickly and easily. Thanks to its exclusive and innovative automatic harness which acts like an adult seat belt. A retractor has been included in the harness of a child car seat for the first time. Finally, the harness tightens automatically and locks in the event of impact or sudden movement, ensuring 100% safety in any situation.

The first automatic harness

For the first time, some one has managed to apply car seat-belt technology to a child seat harness. How? By including a retractor that blocks the harness in the event of collision. The first chair with an automatic harness means that the baby’s harness is always correctly adjusted. Acts like an adult seat belt. Thanks to the built-in retractor, the harness locks in the event of any impact or sudden movement. On top of the safety benefits, the Q-RetraktorFix automatic harness is also more comfortable for baby and parents alike. The harness always adapts correctly to the child’s body, neither too loose nor too tight. Parents don’t have to adjust the harness once the buckle is fastened - the harness does it automatically.

Not only is the Q-retraktor fix a silver medal award holder at Kind&Jugend 2012 but now they have 4star safety from euro test and while 4 stars may not sound a lot it truly is given the strict stipulations and requirements to get each star and is a true testament to just how well made and safe this Carseat is.

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