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Pram Maintenance Steve's top tips

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Tip number 1

Spray silicone spray on wheels and any moving parts like handles, brake bars etc to keep them moving freely and prevent any unnecessary wear and tear on parts. Do not use normal wd40 as this greasy and messy always use silicone spray.

Tip Number 2

Do not overload the pram or pushchair and follow the weight limit. By not overloading you are saving the rear wheels from wearing down quicker and unevenly and also save the frame from becoming bent or loose.

Tip Number 3

Try not to over inflate air wheels as it not only has less chance of bursting but makes punctures less likely

Tip Number 4

Regularly inspect your pram or pushchair even if it’s in storage this prevents parts from seizing up or going mouldy especially when being stored in a loft or shed.

Tip Number 5

Always air and try to dry your pushchair after being in the rain as this stops corrosion of the metal.

Tip Number 6

If possible do not leave the pram in direct sunlight if it’s being stored as this will fade the fabric

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