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Adapted to the child at every stage

Group 2-3 car seat

The Jané Quartz car seat has received an excellent result in latest testing by Which? and ADAC.


Jané Quartz Car Seat has achieved an excellent rating of 4 stars in the latest ADAC report.

Which? also tested Quartz this month and gave it an excellent score of 63%. Which said "The Quartz is a car seat with good crash-test results and an excellent-quality finish. It's a high-backed booster seat, which will help to keep your child protected as he or she gets older."

Proportional height adjustment - Intuitive, sleek design - Technologically advanced

Maximum Safety With A Unique and Exclusive Design
Offering the absolute maximum in car safety, the fabulous new Quartz car seat is the latest addition to the complete CRS range from Jané. This super-secure seat adapts as your child grows with a unique adjustable wraparound side protection system.

JANÉ, the creator of the first ISOFIX group 2/3 car seat in the world, has consistently led the market in car safety and innovation, and the Quartz car seat offers simply the best in form hugging protection. Quartz is a restraint system that uses Isofix fasteners, designed for group 2/3 from 15 to 36 kgs approx., 3-12 years.

Technologically advanced, Quartz is fitted with proportional height adjustment, an integral adjustment system that lets you regulate the height by up to 11 positions. When the height of the seat is extended it is not just the headrest that moves, the backrest also moves to the corresponding height, guaranteeing that the child has maximum protection throughout all the stages of growth.

The child can rest comfortably as the Quartz has three reclining positions and is fitted with vents that work with the breathable soft-touch padding for the ultimate in comfort. Comfort and quality reign supreme with this innovative seat.

Compared to the traditional fastening system using seat belts, the seats using Isofix system are much easier to install. They also offer other important benefits, such as reducing possible serious injuries to the child by up to 22%.

Technologically advanced proportional height adjustment system (11 positions) with 3 reclining positions

Comfort and quality reign supreme with form-hugging, supple, breathable, Soft-Touch-padding complemented with its stylish and innovative ergonomic design.

Going Beyond The Regulatory Requirements

We stage crashes equivalent to 85 km/h (53 mph) in the car - much higher than the European Safety Regulations of 30mph or the ADAC crash tests at 40mph.

Jané Crash Test Research Center is the safety laboratory of Jané, and one of the most advanced in the world.

We go further than European regulations
We never get tired of repeating this, but our self-imposed safety standards mean we always strive to go beyond legal requirements.

The Q series of dummies at the JANÉ CRASH TEST RESEARCH CENTER go far beyond the requirements of European safety testing for child car seats. They are much more similar to real children than the previous dummies as a dummy from the Q series has clavicles, ribs, pelvis, vertebrae. Also, thanks to the technological advances of this new generation of dummies, we can study what improvements should be made to the designs of our seats to guarantee maximum safety.

Jané Crash Test Research Centre

Our seats can be tested up to 250 times before being put on the market.
We stage crashes equivalent to 85 km/h (53 mph) in the car - much higher than the European Safety Regulations of 30mph or the ADAC crash tests at 40mph.

Children who are less than 135 cm tall should always use restraint systems.

QUARTZ: Packed With Amazing Features:
  • Suitable for: Groups 2-3, 15-36kg, 3 to 12 years approx.
  • Adaptable: Quartz is a multi-group safety seat designed to adapt to the child at each stage of growth. It's fitted with a proportional height adjustment system (11 positions) that lets you extend the backrest and headrest automatically together and correctly as your child grows.
  • Maximum side protection, the wraparound shape of the frame increases the absorption of any possible impact and provides greater shock absorbing properties.
  • 3 reclining positions so the baby can rest more comfortably. The headrest includes large sized ear protectors, which means that in the event of a side impact, the child’s head remains in the safe area of the seat, thereby guaranteeing maximum protection.
  • Ventilation: Ergonomic design with ventilation vents making it more breathable for the baby.
  • Breathable Soft Touch padding, the covers can be taken off for washing.
  • Anchored to the car via the standard Isofix system and the child is secured in the seat with the 3-point seat belt, obtaining greater stability. It can also be installed with just a 3-point seat belt.
  • Indicators confirm the ISOFIX hooks are engaged.
  • Certified to European Safety Regulations ECE R44/04. Side impact tested, impact approved.

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