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Nursery bedding Buying Guide


What’s essential & what’s optional?

When it comes to planning your nursery interior the first thing you want to do is figure out what’s a must and what you can get as an added extra and we are here to help you with that. The first thing you will need is your bedding for the first 12 months is your fitted or flannelette sheet and depending on your furniture it would generally be either 120cm x 60cm for a cot or would be 140cm x 70cm for cot bed or junior bed and while these are general rule of thumb there are some out there that are slightly different so best to measure the internals of the bed or mattress.


Keeping Baby Warm

Once you have your base layer for the bed let’s look at keeping baby warm. You have a few options here depending on your little one. If they are restless during the night, then a swaddle blanket would be ideal as they wrap around and keep their arms and legs close to the body and makes they feel as if they are being cradled by your arms which helps them to settle. Remember to use a thin blanket or better yet a swaddling blanket designed with a system to keep the blanket in place safely. If you are not swaddling, then its recommended that you use a sleep bag (gro bag) You don't need to use a blanket with a sleeping bag – if you choose the right tog rating it will be warm and the benefit of a sleep bag is that it’s almost impossible for them to be kicked off or for your little one to slip under the blanket. Sleep bags are suitable from birth through to 3 years if you wanted quilts, duvets and pillows are not recommended as they can cause your little one to become hot you can buy a complete set and store the duvet fir when they are older.


Stopping the bumps in the night

Now that your base layer is sorted and baby is warm let’s look at stopping bumps and bangs in the night with the use of a cot or cot bed bumperthey come in many shapes and forms from a localised bumper covering only a few bed bars to all the way around the cot/cot bed and come in numerous colours and patterns but again can be bought as part of a bedding bale.


Remaining calm and comforted

Great your nearly there your little bundle is now comfy, warm and safe you can now look at sleeping aids or comforters these are great for positioning a baby with colic in a more upright position or to stop them rolling all around the bed while comforters are normally soft cuddly toys that will sometime play a soothing sound that mimics a heartbeat meaning your little one will get the sleep and rest it needs meaning you get more time to sleep it’s a win win.


Now that your both sleeping all the night through you can always look into nursery accessories including room thermometers, mobiles, and other bits like rugs, curtains and more.

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