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          Furniture Buying Guide

          Using the following Nursery furniture buying guide, we hope to give a stress-free journey into furnishing your nursery.


          Let’s start with the essential products needed if space permits

          • Cot/cot bed and mattress
          • Changing mat, change table or cot top changer
          • Wardrobe
          • Chest of drawers or under bed storage

          Measure and plan

          Our first bit of advice is to measure, measure and re-measure. Measuring your room or space helps you draw up a plan and see if It will all fit and where it will also give you a firm visualisation of where the bed is in relation to radiators or windows and how it will look. It would be even better get dimensions of all furniture pieces that you want and using masking tape mask the floors and walls to get a nice clear image you could even go so far as to create a 3D structure using lengths of rod for a very minimal cost.


          Everything Planned what are your options?

          Now that you worked out your space you can gauge what pieces you need for example if your tight for space then you could forgo the chest of drawers in place of under cot storage because a wardrobe is of more benefit in terms of both space and that it will last longer as a piece of storage especially when your little one is not so little. If you find that space is SUPER tight then you could go for a single door wardrobe and use the hanging rail and wardrobe hanging storage to create a perfect folding section.


          Once your layout is planned it’s time to choose the furniture you like. Unfortunately, we can’t help you with that decision as its down to Budget, Taste and space but we can give you a large selection of options based on colour, wood and price.


          The princess and the pea

          Now that your furniture is chosen it’s time to look at mattresses. Mattresses range from Foam to pocket sprung. Each with its own benefit be it sturdiness or cost. We know that friends and family will offer you theirs but always refuse if you can. Why you ask? Aside from the obvious factors of hygiene there is also the firmness of the bed which after use will cause the bed to not be as firm as it was when new this will lead to reduced support for your new-borns back.


          Now once your all set up and in place please feel free to share your images of your lovely nurseries.

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